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Stress can hamper Feed oxygen to fetus. If you are so desperate! Moreover, for pregnant women who are working, if not managed properly, the pregnancy can be disrupted because of your stress. So, for those who stress easily in the ofWOMEN NO STERSfice, try to mengurangis measure your stress. Here are some tips you can try.

* Create a daily work agenda, what you have to finish that day, and set the time as may be okay to finish things so that the priority of that day.
* Clean the table. Remove the paper and paper-goods that do not need from the table. If the table clean, your mind can also be more creative.
* Jalin a healthy working relationship. If the problem can be finished by other colleagues, need not fear loss of points to be able to increase ranking. Keep up your own good work!
  * Do not forget to rest and consumption of food containing vitamin B, so that stress and not easily tired.
* Create a task of, to make it easier to focus on your tasks with the

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