anaemia can causes pregnant mother keel, miscarriage, perdarahan, infection before and after persalinan, with kontraksi doesn't appear well. soon handle!
the root cause pregnant mother can faint heavy anaemia or too the low blood haemoglobin/cells degree. at the (time) of pregnant, existing PREGNANTblood total for your need and fetus, so automatic blood volume soes to decrease. finally paso oxygen to brain decreases and you can keel.

add blood total. you must blood total increase pass paso food that contain ferrum, sour folat,  and vitamin b12. therefore, pregnant mother be suggested mengonsumsi victuals that can form red corpuscle like heart, small fish fish, red meat, pod, green coloured vegetable, egg yolk,  and fruits. pregnant mother also suggested mengonsumsi vitamin c, chicken meat and fish to make easy ferrum absorption.
besides overcome to pass pattern eats correct, easy faint also can be overcome with try to launch blood circulation. its way:
· do to process light body likes meditation, by foot or gymnastics.
· don't get up suddenly from position sleeps or sit,  but do slow.
· don't stand too long.
· don't excessively reside in festivity or atmosphere noise and hiruk pikuk.
· if you are mother works, take time to take a rest with menyelonjor foot.
· liquid consumption enough.

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