Moment a pregnant woman, happen changes in the body really baturally prepared to greet incoming the sweetheart. those changes is among others heavy boPREGNANTdy increases, change in skin, change in breast, etc. breast treatment of vital importance done during pregnant until time gives suck. this matter because breast be only producer asi that be bew baby staple food borns so that must be done sedini may be. here's allah favour very big to where asi be food most fit for baby, the composition completeest,  and can not be equaled milk formula human product. breast treatment during pregnant has many benefits, among others:

  1. watch over breast cleanliness especially milk bipple cleanliness.
  2. flex and  strengthen milk bipple so that make easy baby to menyusu.
  3. stimulate milk water glands so that production asi many and fluent.
  4. can detect breast differences according to early and do efforts to overcome it.
  5. prepare way of thinking (psikis) mother to give suck. when a pregnant mother not do breast treatment well and only do treatment approach give birth to or after will give so often be met cases that will harm mother and baby.

cases often happen among others:

  1. asi not out. this often happen. new out after second day or more.
  2. milk bipple doesn't jut so that difficult baby sucks.
  3. production asi a little so that insufficient mengonsumsi baby.
  4. infection in breast, swollen breast or fester. ? appear benjolan at breast, etc.

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