want berkendara when does pregnant? may, but look at rambu-rambu, so that pregnancy not disturbed.
although you have been permitted to drive car, still there matters that must you look at. however, your condition inclined tired easier. therefore, ukur your body strength.
if really you must drive, look at matters next: PREGNANT

  • when may be, ask somebody accompanies you during drive car. besides be interlocutor, always there one who will help you when be need.
  • ascertain your car condition in a state of prima. don't until just because lazy investigates, your trip soes disturbed.
  • don't too long drive, even less with far distance. stopped condition anticipation may be you pass during your trip. important in order to be known, exhaustion can incoming trigger kontraksi not supposed.
  • give attention in your left foot condition that must always tread on pedal moment gear transfer. your foot is this inclined stiff easier.
  • arrange position sits you as pleasant as may be. usually stomach more biger make you less pleasant sit upright. so, position chair back in such a manner so that you can reclining.
  • password belt don't until depress your stomach.
  • always prepare drinking water and snack enough in car.
  • prepare also special pokes for sudden. for example moment you are sick and want to vomit.

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