when make a trip when pregnant, may be asa not fun. many matters that must be payed. one of them digestion problem, sick taste and not pleasant in stomach. before all that happen, try tip next so that your trip is fun! PREGNANT

  • use and prepare pleasant clothes and spacious, not tight in waist and stomach.
  • change habit eats 3 times eat big with a few time eat light food all day long. enjoy your food and chew well.
  • keep distance time between have dinner with your bedtime, don't too near. space out two until three clocks to lambung you digest before you sleep.
  • try to sleep with pillow higher at part body on.
  • limit to drink during you eat.
  • koid food that can causes gas pressure existence in lambung. usually food that contain carbon likes, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, sour food, meat olahan, product mint,  and hot food and berbumbu sharp, gorengan,  or fatty.
  • don't smoke! besides smoke can causes well-being problem in mother and fetus, smoke also can increase sour lambung.
  • medicine counters sour lambung that contain magnesium or calcium, because can causes ketidaknyamanan. best investigate formerly with your doctor before mengonsumsi.

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