May To Patch Tooth Moment Pregnant???. perforated tooth sure taste trigger not pleasant at mouth moment will eat and often be toothache mother. but if with a child, amankah patch tooth? May To Patch Tooth Moment Pregnant???.pregnant 1

  • is submitting in doctor that you with a child so that action and medicine gift is accustommed with your condition and doesn't disturb fetus well-being.
  • if must pull tooth, usually doctor will postpone if pregnancy age in trimester first and third. usually you will be prescribinged medicine will counter ill taste bargainer.
  • use alternative other from amalgam to patch tooth moment pregnant. because amalgam contain merkuri (hg). if enter blood stream, heavy metal will endanger fetus.
  • don't do rontgen tooth with x-ray moment pregnant because fetus well-being can disturbed.

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