10 It should be Pregnancy Nutrition

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During the period of a good woman to help prepare the body to become a mother because of the complex processes that occur during pre42-19455775gnancy require a lot of supply of protein, vitamins and minerals for mother and baby. These tips have to fulfill;

1. Additional nutrition doubled from the usual demand, especially for the Vitamin C and Calcium.
2. must remember is not the quantity but the quality of food consumed.
3. Additional energy can be obtained from a glass of milk and two pieces of cheese, the lower layer of fat.
4. Pregnant women also do not need to increase the protein source, along with the appropriate foods healthy eating principles, like meat, fish or poultry, daily products, rice-berasan, nuts.
5. Vitamin folic acid is a very important period before and during pregnancy, especially in the early weeks of pregnancy.
6. Most of the women in the age to have a pregnancy rate of low iron.
7. The body does not appear to be easier to absorb iron in vegetable foods, but vitamin C (which is found in citrus fruit, dried raisins, green vegetables) increase absorption of iron. 
8. Another thing that is not less important is the careful attention to consumption, although the heart and all its products, such as Pate and liver sauce, is the best source of iron.
9. Vitamin A is derived from products such as green vegetables, citrus fruit and yellow-buhan and vegetables known as karoten forms in food, and these substances have health benefits.
10. Vitamin D is sometimes stated as the "sunshine vitamin" because the vitamin was at the time the body is exposed to sunlight are also necessary for calcium and phosphorus.

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