Varises not only attacked but also the foot vagina and anus. Diwaspadai If not, this condition can be dangerous because it can prevent the normal process of childbirth or pervaginam. Varises usually occur on the hands and feet, but for some peo5ple may occur in other places such as the stomach, rektum (large intestine near the anus), vagina, skrotum, and vulva (lips genitalia). Itchy-itchy, or changes in skin color is a kebiruan characteristics Varises the most easily recognized. Symptoms Varises vagina

* Usually the mother or the doctor to detect how to handle the vagina, if there is then the protrusion can be maternal mengalai Varises vagina.

* Pregnant mother complained pale and tired  quickly. Why pregnant women mengalaminya? Approximately 20-30% pregnant women experience Varises. Varises generally occur in the pelvic region and members of the lower part of the movement. This is because the vessel-blood vessel in the area this is directly related to the womb. In addition, pregnancy causes hormonal changes in women, especially the increased hormone progesteron.

  Until the precautions this time there is no special equipment to prevent Varises pregnant women in the vagina. However, when pregnant women take diligent foot in a way put a pillow on the bed a while back, or read the book, a little more to help expedite the flow of blood. This can evidently reduce the burden that must be ditopang feet. Avoid the use of shoes, preferably with a maximum of 2 cm rights so that blood flow is not obstructed. Then, when sleeping, do not try to lie only in a position to avoid pressure on the vein in one place.

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