You definitely want to always look beautiful and captivating. Although the time pregnant, you do not want to look bad. In fact, when the pregnancy there are some changes that occur on your skin. Changes in the skin during pregnancy occurs due to hormonal changes or due to changes in hamil_cantikbody weight. For that, you should recognize these changes and how settlement..

Melasma. The speck usually arise will The speck-brown on the skin, especially around the eyes, cheeks and lips up close. This is because the hormonal changes that make the skin to become sensitive to sunlight. To prevent this during pregnancy you should use sun screen every will beraktivitas outside.

Stretch Mark. Usually will scar marks which appear reddish color on the skin around the stomach. This is caused by skin broad network because the sudden need to support additional load. For treatment, you can not get rid of the total but at least reduced. You can use a moisturizer such as olive oil or vitamin E oil during and after pregnancy.

 . If you do not usually have pustular, may be pregnant at the time you will experience it. This is because the hormone changes in your body and this includes things that are reasonable. For treatment, you should not recklessly use drugs that contain antibiotics, bha and AHA.
We recommend you use a cream such as Clearasil benzoil and give only on whelk only. But would be better if you consult your doctor first to the skin.

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