Pregnancy Pre-eklampsia

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Follow dr. goddess prabarini from brawijaya women and children hospital, pre-eklampsia disease because pregnancy poisoned. disease that appear only in this pregnancy time has phenomenon among others: blood pressure rises, swelling in face, foot, hand up to in vagina with disturbance at kidney PREGNANT channel marked with leakage protein at urin. although until now yet still unpredictable the trigger primary factor, guessed one of them body overweight or pregnant mother previous has hypertension medical story.
only road to overcome pre-eklampsia with speed up process persalinan. but, if the phenomenon presents in beginning pregnancy time, usually can be overcome with give medicine to demote tall blood pressure.
pre-eklampsia not soon be handled aim in eklampsia . eklampsia be continuation disease from pre-eklampsia , where phenomenon that undergone approximately equal to pre-eklampsia but augmenting stiffly and doesn't awake self. if baby not soon gived make pregnant mother stay in comma conditon. on that account, heavy for pregnant mother that is attacked eklampsia at trimester beginning, because force baby borns premature and mother welfare even also threatened.

then how do the prevention? one of them with watch over heavy body passes pattern eats regular. pattern eats regular here bot merely merely eat on time,  but also pay attention nutrient pregnancy from food mengonsumsi by pregnant mother. don't forget 3 important elements, that is vitamin, mineral and protein. do also consultation to doctor routinely hit your fetus development as according to pregnancy age.

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