Many pregnant mothers experiences unflattering complaint during hormone influence consequence pregnancy. well, if you felt to depress, seen ugly,  and not shine during corporeal two, applied 6 manners next to make you cheerfuler and enjoy times approach be mother. PREGNANT
1. do massage pra-kelahiran
loosen tense taste and stres with increase blood circulation passes special massage for pregnant woman. many parlors that offered massage pra-kelahiran that designed special to decrease ill taste that is feeled during pregnancy.

2. buy pregnant coat
save coats before pregnant. your pregnant body appear section! love your new body form with wears pregnant coats like special tight trousers for pregnant pleasant are worn and section.

3. eat regular nutritious
do to like before pregnant. eat at the (time) of want to eat. when do you eat salad that consist of vegetables, you will felt to well and glad detect that you try to give nutritious food best for your fetus. so eat doughnut, you will felt lazy and want angry. this matter is your meaningless can not eat sweet food,  but best lessen. with decrease sweet input, you avoid mood that alterable in a moment.

4. sport
aerobik light, meditation pra-kelahiran,  or fast road, can make idea and body asa fresh during 9 pregnant time months. don't forget consultation with doctor before begin a sport kind.

5. prepare all a certain it
plan preparation give birth to far day can decrease stres and worry. prepare clothes and another at when be need if at all time to hospital. prepare baby equipment likes popok, baby oil, baby soap, cotton,  and another. when postponed until you give birth to to do all this, prepare list that must be bought and ask family or friend to buy it.

6. don't forget sex
as far as you glad and doctor gives" green light" , bothing that can make you smile and cheerful as soon as intimate connection you do with beloved husband

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