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moment pregnancy age achieves at week to 35 pregnancies, you best respiration practice regularly. the aim so that you not difficulty breathes because fetus position pressure and paso oxygen to fetus suffices. like to what the practice? PREGNANT
to overcome that thing, take a seat and breathe slowly until feel dizzy to lost. if dizzy permanent, call doctor. usually this complaint berangsung-angsur will lost to pass practice processes regular breath. besides, finally you also will can to hold back longer breath.

how does respiration practice manner in?

  1. respiration practice can you do with position sit. back, neck and upright permanent head,  but relax. pull breath slowly pass nose while count (to begin from count to 4 gradually increase until 10 or more) until your lung is asa developings. furthermore release breath passes nose in count same. when do you finished take outside breath, rest formerly during one or two second. repeat this process with relaxes and rhythmical.
  2. pull breath slowly while second hand is lifted straight in a line head. feel air that fill full room in lung. hold back several second. exhale breath slowly while second hand goes downwards. repeat
    you ready for try practice processes breath?

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