piles alias hemorrhoids swelling and inflamation that in blood vessel returns (vena) at area of around anus. inflamation in or outside anus this happen because the difficult exile process “sampah” metabolism. finally, you forced each time defecate. the busy if piles happens moment you are pregnant.


when this sometimes causes blood vessel outbreak around anus, up to happen perdarahan. experience piles during pregnant, duh, really not pleasant!
overcome correctly. there are some matter that can you do to overcome piles, that is:
multiply fibrous food consumption, like fruits and vegetable.
drink liquid quite a lot. at least 2 litres in a day.
accustom to pass routinely in certain times, as in morning. before pass, drink warm water.

  • drink yogurt or fermentation milk that can stimulate intestines work so that mobileer.
  • consumption total moment pregnant can you are consultation with nutrient doctor.
  • do swimming or light sport, like by foot appropriate with pregnant mother.
  • movement whom you do this is supposed can help muscles at digestion channel to move to push pigswill to exile channel.
  • koid mengejan when defecate moment pregnant.
  • without mengejan, this means possibility the happening of also inflamation in blood vessel at region anus can be decried.

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