there alternative other to overcome stres and tired when does pregnant. you can relax while sip aromaterapi. hmm. . undoubtedly mood you good will return.


bustle and emotion change often undergone pregnant mother really sometimes make mothers is stres and tired easy. you can overcome it with assortedly matter, one of them with aromaterapi. aromaterapi can you use with sip the aroma,  or you can use it to bathe, soak and massage.
aromaterapi has several aromas with the benefit each, that is:

  • clove, rosemary, spruce (of a kind casuarina tree), lemon, peppermint,  and juniper, to get aroma that refresh during you are pregnant.
  • vanilla, tuberose, nutmeg, spruce, juniper,  and orange, to calm stress.
  • jasmine, chamomile, geranium, marjoram, lavender,  and rose, to get aroma that can make you that with a child is felting to relax and calm.
  • sandal wood (sandalwood), ylang,  and sage, contain substance aphrodisiac trusted can evoke feeling love and pleasant.

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