Trick Mobile Until Month-9 Pregnancy. asa pity if must take to leave in young pregnancy time. sure later you want longer with child before mobile again have a duty. that way you necessary Trick Mobile Until Month-9 Pregnancy: PREGNANT

fallen down/slip, Trick :

  • when stoop, do with menekuk second foot
  • better have recourse work friend to take goods in place tall

pain at body (neck, shoulder, waist, back), Trick :

  • work with ware ergonomis appropriate body posture
  • sit and work with correct position, seingga you can work pleasant at back or waist that can evoke stiff with pain

hot at ulu heart, Trick :

  • look at body position moment pregnant (sit, write, read). don't until there pressure at region ulu heart
  • is arranging pattern is eating appropriate your digestion work system that with a child. discipline choose food “bersahabat” for pregnant mother. koid food berbumbu sharp and hot, with that evoke gas in digestion likes cabbage.
  • moment pregnant, eat in little portions but often
    bring always food and fresh fruits from home or prepare cracker at office

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