Disease deabetes melitus that in patient with overweight, furthermore in this part us will discuss Disease deabetes deabetes melitus that in pregnancy.
Disease deabetes melitus in pregnancy or often called Disease deabetes melitus gestaPREGNANCYsional, is bing Disease deabetes that in mother mother that with a child. principal phenomenon from this difference is in principle equal to principal phenomenon in disease disease deabetes other that is often urinates (polyuri), always feel thirsty (polydipsi),  and often feel hungry (polyfagi). only that distinguish patient conditon in this time with a child. unfortunately case case invention Disease deabetes gestasional a large part because by accident because patient will not feel strange something that in self besides pregnancy,  and phenomenon often urinate and many eat also usually happen in normal pregnancy.
as does diabetes disease in general, in blood sugar investi gation even also found tall value in fasting blood sugar degree and 2 clocks after eat with when done sugar degree investigation in urine (water urinate) also found positive reaction. this investigation can be repeated during therapy process with medicine antidiabetes to observe blood sugar degree. Necessary payed in arrangement diets pregnant woman calorie need in pregnant woman unlike normal woman even if pregnant woman suffers diabetes. calorie total to diet = heavy pregnant woman ideal body x (25-30)kalori + extra 200 - 300 calories with minimal details 200 gr hydrate charcoal and protein (1,5 - 2) gr/kg bb ideal.

if in baby body heavy investigation is found the baby so necessary done induction in week to 36 - 38 to prevent the happening of complication moment persalinan. process persalinan this must in tight supervision by midwifery specialist doctor and disease specialist doctor in.
usually after baby will born so blood sugar degree will return normal, when not, so necessary continued gift anti diabetes oral until a given time period.

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